blackmamba_esq (blackmamba_esq) wrote in burgundy_shoes,

Multi-Fandom/Stock Icons

Eureka, Firefly, Fringe, Kill Bill, Merlin, The Pacific, Ugly Betty, White Collar, Celeb and Stock




Kill Bill


The Pacific


Ugly Betty, White Collar

Angel Coulby

Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Jasika Nicole, Joshua Jackson, Stock
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:D :D :D :D :D
Gorgeous! ♥
Thank you &hearts
Ooh, lovely Merlin icons! Have snagged several, will of course credit what I use.
Enjoy them :)
These icons are super pretty!
Awsome job :)
Thank you :)
YAY Eureka icons!!
:) Love Eureka.
So beautiful! I especially love Firefly #4, Kill Bill 2 & 7, The Pacific #1, and all the Treme!
Thank you so much!
Lovely. Had to grab a couple of the Firefly ones and will credit when used.
Enjoy :)

Deleted comment

Thank you!
Not taking any, but this is a lovely batch.
Thanks so much :)
Lovely Dear!! I wish I have you photo graph skills :) *HUGS* Thank for posting.
Thank you Megumi :)
these are perfection. snagging a couple of the merlin and kill bill ones. ♥ thanks!
Thank you! Enjoy :)
Woot!! So happy to see you posting icons (it feels like it's been a long time)! These are absolutely gorgeous Black :D
Thanks so much! It has been a while. It's nice to post again.
wow so so gorgeous!!!
Thank you :)
Lovely! Grabbed an O-ren icon, will credit!
Enjoy :)
These are gorgeous! Snagging :D
Thank you! Enjoy them :)

Deleted comment

Thank you! Angel is so cute :) I hope I get to post more. It's been a while.

Deleted comment

Thank you! That's one of my favorites &hearts
hu oh, i may have to snag an o-ren ishi even though i don't have any icon space. and i really love that gwen, merlin, arthur picture of them in profile. very nice work m'lady.
Thank you :D
These are all gorgeous! <3
Thank you :D
Not taking any but gorgeous set!!!

I love the cropping on ... well all of them, really.:D
Thank so much!
You and Token posted icons. It's like Christmas a month and a half early...y'all make me so happy. Oh and Dr. Grant from Eureka...Allison and Carter...Merlin and Gwaine...can I marry this post...pretty please with sugar on top
Glad you like it &hearts

Deleted comment