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Zxfactor Master Screen Cap List

Welcome to the master screencaps list for burgundy_shoes For the most part, we will post high-definition (or high quality) screen captures from television shows, talk shows, movies, and trailers.

Screen caps will come in the following size and format, depending on what is available at the time: HD DVD and Blu-Ray (1920x1080), and for HD broadcasts 1920x1080, 1440x1080 or 1280x720. While 90% of the caps are 1280 x 720. Anything smaller then 1280 x 720 will be noted according. However, there will be some HD DVD rips from time to time.

The screencap list is a work in progress and is constantly being updated. Please be sure to join the community and add us to your friends page so you can be notified when new screen caps or resources have been added to the community. Also, please do not claim the screencaps as yours and redistribute them. Also we want to hear from you, remember to comment, and credit is necessary. So please credit the community burgundy_shoes and/or zxfactor wherever you download and or use our screen caps. Thank You and Enjoy!


Televison - 10 Things I Hate About You
Televison - 24
Televison - Archer
Televison - Being Human
Televison - Bones
Televison - Boondocks, The
Televison - Closer
Televison - Cold Case
Televison - Damages
Televison - Dark Blue
Televison - Doctor Who
Televison - Deep End, The
Televison - Dollhouse
Televison - Drop Dead Diva
Televison - Entourage
Televison - Eureka
Televison - Firefly
Televison - Flash Forward
Televison - Fringe
Televison - Good Wife
Televison - Hawthorne
Televison - House
Televison - Justified
Televison - Human Target
Televison - Hung
Televison - Law & Order UK
Televison - Leverage
Televison - Lost
Televison - Mad Men
Televison - Melrose Place
Televison - Merlin
Televison - No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Televison - Nurse Jackie
Televison - Pacific, The
Televison - Philanthropist
Televison - Private Practice
Televison - Psych
Televison - Raising The Bar
Televison - Southland
Televison - Supernatural
Televison - True Blood
Televison - Treme
Televison - Ugly Betty
Televison - V
Televison - Vampire Diaries
Televison - Weeds
Televison - Wire


Movie - 28 Days Later
Movie - 300
Movie - Avatar
Movie - Best Man, The
Movie - Boyz In The Hood
Movie - Color Purple
Movie - Crash
Movie - Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Movie - Deja Vu
Movie - Devil In A Blue Dress
Movie - Do The Right Thing
Movie - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Movie - Drumline
Movie - Evil Dead 2
Movie - Fame
Movie - Fast & Furious
Movie - Four Brothers
Movie - From Dusk Till Dawn
Movie - Great Debaters, The
Movie - Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
Movie - Halloween II ~ 2009
Movie - How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Movie - Hustle & Flow
Movie - I Can Do Bad All By Myself
Movie - Imagine That
Movie - Inglourious Basterds
Movie - Interview With The Vampire
Movie - John Q
Movie - Kill Bill vol 1
Movie - Lady Sings The Blues
Movie - Law Abiding Citizen
Movie - Lover
Movie - Mission Impossible 2
Movie - Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Movie - Ninja Assassin
Movie - Not Easily Broken
Movie - Office Space
Movie - Precious
Movie - Princess And The Frog, The
Movie - Public Enemies
Movie - Pulp Fiction
Movie - Ray
Movie - Rent
Movie - Serenity
Movie - Secret Life of Bees
Movie - Sherlock Holmes
Movie - Shutter Island
Movie - Sin City
Movie - Star Trek
Movie - Training Day
Movie - Watchmen
Movie - X-Men, Last Stand
Movie - X-Men Origins, Wolverine
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