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burgundy_shoes's Journal

Burgundy Shoes
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Icons, banners, wallpapers, bases
.about us.
This is the graphics and resources journal of blackmamba_esq, tokenblkgirl, and zxfactor. All graphics are public, but resources are members only, so please join. If you would like to affilate with burgundy_shoes please comment here.

Fandoms: Merlin, Flash Forward, Ugly Betty, Fringe, Psych, Private Practice, Eureka, The Closer, Batman, One Life to Live, Dollhouse, Firefly, The Wire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

People: Halle Berry, Paula Patton ,Meta Golding, Aisha Tyler, Salli Richardson Whitfield, Vanessa Williams, Kyra Sedgwick, Audra MacDonald, Aaron Eckhart, Mos Def, Christian Bale, Sydney Tamiia Portier, John Cho, Angel Coulby, etc.



Fandoms: Heroes, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Cold Case, Mad Men, 24, Lost, Bones, Dexter, House, Being Human, Star Trek, Leverage, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, V.

People:Rashida Jones, Tracie Thoms, Tamara Taylor, Freema Agema, Elizabeth Mitchell, Corinne Bailey Rae, Alicia Keys, Edward Norton, Thandie Newton, Rosario Dawson,Chiwetel Ejiofor, Angelina Jolie, Gina Torres, Naomie Harris, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban.



Fandoms: One Life to Live, One Tree Hill, The L Word, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, Dollhouse, Damages, Mad Men, Psych, Flash Forward, Merlin, The Good Wife, Raising the Bar

People:Renee Elise Goldsberry, Julia Roberts, Giles Marini, Morris Chestnut, Oliver Martinez, L.L. Cool J

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actresses, african american, african american women, alexx woods, allison blake, anastasia dualla, andrea moreno, angelina johnson, angie hubbard, anna espinosa, annie sawyer, archer, ashley j. williams, astrid farnsworth, band of brothers, batman, being human, bette porter, black women, bones, bonnie mckechnie, book fiction, buffy the vampire slayer, camille saroyan, cassie sutton, catwoman, celebrity, cold case, comedy, csi miami, danielle frye, dara jensen, dark blue, daytime television, dexter, doctor who, dollhouse, drama, drucilla winters, entertainment, erotica, eureka, evangeline williamson, eve russell, evil dead, fandom, fandom icons, gabriel union, general hospital, gia campbell, good wife, graphics, guiding light, halle berry, hawthorne, heroes, horror, house, icons, irene daniels, isabelle tyler, jack carter, jade taylor, jeanie boulet, jessica griffin, joan burton, karen filipelli, kat miller, katie graham, katie tunney, keesha ward, kendra young, kerri reynolds, kima greggs, lainey winters, las vegas, leverage, lexie carver, lily winters, livia frye, lost, mad men, mahandra mcginty, makemba likasu, martha jones, mel boudreau, melanie barnett, melinda warner, melrose place, merlin, michelle landau, miranda bailey, monica dawson, movies, naomi bennett, naomie harris, nathan petrelli, nessa holt, nightstalker, olivia barber, one life to live, ororo munroe, passions, paula patton, perri reed, peter petrelli, primetime televison, private practice, psd, psych, rachel gannon, raising the bar, randi morgan, rashida jones, resources, romance, rosalind whitman, sam winchester, screencaps, simone deveaux, simone russell, southland, stock icons, storm, supernatural, tara price, tara thornton, texture, textures, teyla emmagan, thandie newton, the closer, the covenant, the vampire diaries, the wire, treme, true blood, tutorial, tutorials, tyra hamilton, ugly betty, vanessa brooks, vivian johnson, weeds, whitney russell, wilhelmina slater, wonderfalls, x-men, zoe saldana, zoe washburn